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The modern workplace is fraught with distractions and intricacies that divert employees' attention from their primary tasks. With today’s diverse workforce encompassing traditional, online, and gig workers, organizations must present information and tools in a unified, user-friendly manner thereby crafting a remarkable employee experience.
At Think Future Technologies, we stand at the vanguard of developing enterprise solutions that simplify employees' lives, delivering substantial business benefits.


SimplifyPath boasts a distinctive capability

Effortless and swift configuration to seamlessly integrate with various IT and business applications. Anchored in the ingenuity of Google search, our Natural Language Interface (NLP), driven by Natural Language Processing, serves as a singular gateway for employees to acquire information or execute workflows throughout their workday. This eliminates the need for organizations to train their workforce on diverse applications or sensitize them about numerous HR policies. SimplifyPath is the paradigm shift in the interface between employees and the organization's technological systems – replacing the prevalent "push" model with an on-demand "pull" model.

Benefits of SimplifyPath


The NLP interface operates by employing cutting-edge natural language processing algorithms to decipher user inputs and translate them into commands comprehensible by each IT system – including HRMS, ERP, CRM, Accounting, and Mailing systems. These commands are then executed within each system to fulfill the intended tasks.


For instance, if a user desires to access their HRMS account to view their pay stub, a simple request to the NLP interface like 'show me my pay stub from last month' suffices. The NLP interface interprets this command, communicates with the HRMS system, retrieves the requested information, and presents it to the user.


In cases of inadequate confidence levels or missing information, the user is prompted with pertinent questions.


SimplifyPath also has an autocomplete feature that enhances accuracy by dynamically aligning typed text with applications and targeted functions.

Benefits of SimplifyPath

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Strategic Implementation

Strategic Implementation

Identify and plan the applications and functionalities for simplification

Progressive Development

Progressive Development

- Create mapping sheets between commands and the corresponding APIs of each application.
- If APIs are unavailable, employ AutomationTwin to create automated processes



- Conduct rigorous testing cycles involving 5-10 test users.
- Identify and address any issues that arise during testing.

Unwavering Support & Maintenance

Unwavering Support & Maintenance

Think Future Technologies offers strategic planning, development, and execution for all organizations embracing SimplifyPath.

Versatile Use Cases


Human Resources (HR)

  • - Checking leave balances
  • - Requesting leaves
  • - Clocking in and out
  • - Accessing Travel policy details
  • - Gaining insights into conference or certification sponsorship
  • - Navigating the path to career advancement

ADP (Automatic Data Processing)

  • - Retrieving monthly salary slips
  • - Accessing Tax returns (Form 16)

Calendar Integration

  • - Scheduling appointments
  • - Verifying availability

Jira Integration

  • - Obtaining current tickets
  • - Identify high-priority tickets

Accounting Integration

  • - Tracking marketing expenditure year-to-date
  • - Retrieving trial balances
  • - Operating accounting software in various languages

DBF (Dynamic Business Framework)

  • - Identifying ongoing projects, e.g., in nodeJS
  • - Discovering nodeJS experts within the organization

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